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Air travelers can save a lot of time, aggravation, and sometimes even money by “travelling light". Checking large suitcases before departure and waiting for them after landing can take a long time, and if your luck deserts you, your suitcase won’t arrive where you did because it was loaded onto a different plane. Some airlines now add surcharges for checked luggage. If you have better ways to spend your time and money, a trolley in the allowable size for hand luggage is the thing for you. If you are also bringing a laptop bag on your journey, you can slide it onto the extended telescoping rods of your trolley, provided it has the requisite slot on the back. That way, one of your hands is free and you take the weight off your shoulder on your sometimes lengthy trek through the airport.

Popular trolleys at ChackPack

Punch 90 
Hand Luggage Trolley
2 Rollers

Spirit Travel Jet 2
Hand Luggage Trolley
2 Rollers

Blue Square
Hand Luggage Trolley
2 Rollers

Signo 2 
Ultra Slim 
Hand Luggage Trolley 
2 Rollers 

BREE Punch 90 Handgepäck-Trolley 2 Rollen 1 Stück Bogner Spirit Travel Jet 2 Handgepäck-Trolley 2 Rollen	Piquadro Blue Square Handgepäck-Trolley 2 Rollen  Piquadro Signo 2 Ultra Slim Handgepäck-Trolley 2 Rollen

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At ChackPack, every trolley contains a readily packed, air safety compliant Sea to Summit travel set with toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant.

The right dimensions for your hand luggage

Whether trolley or bag, the crucial factor when it comes to hand luggage is cabin-compliant size. All trolleys and bags sold on ChackPack.com have a maximum size of 55cm x 40cm x 23cm (H x W x D), so they satisfy the requirements of virtually all airlines. Soft luggage, such as trolleys made of leather or nylon, can usually be squeezed a centimeter or two if you ever do cut it close trying to stow your trolley in the overhead bin. Hard-shell luggage made of polycarbonate generally also permits a little bit of wiggle room, because the zip closures are usually set in a flexible band, so the two half shells can be compacted a bit.

Low weight

Most airlines have an upper weight limit (usually between 7 kg and 12 kg) for hand luggage, so low weight is an important attribute for a cabin trolley. It is crucial to use light, yet sturdy materials that stand up to everyday use. Our lightest trolleys are the Signo 2 Ultra Slim Cabin Trolley by Piquadro at only 2156 g and the super lightweight Piquadro Relyght Cabin Slim Cabin Trolley with a mere 2050 g. That leaves you some freedom to pack clothing and personal care items. And of course, ever kilogram that you don’t have to pull around and lift means more “travel quality.“

Advantages of trolleys with 2 or 4 rollers

Depending on where you will be using the trolley the most and how far you have to walk with it, what type of ground you have to pull it on and, last but not least, your personal preferences, it may be more advantageous to buy a trolley with 2 or 4 rollers. 
Most 2-roller trolleys have the rollers attached to the long side, which means you need a little more room when you pull it, but the trolley will not easily tip. If you want to set the trolley down briefly, it won’t roll away from you, because it will sit upright not just on the two rollers but usually on two small feet. It does not matter whether the rollers are visibly installed outside the trolley or more hidden within the construction, on 2-roller trolleys they can be very sturdily designed because they do not need to be able to rotate 360°. So if you often have to pull your trolley for longer distances and especially if your route sometimes entails cobblestones or other uneven terrain, a 2-roller trolley is definitely recommended. 
The advantage of trolleys with 4 rollers is clearly their better agility. Four rollers that rotate 360° let you easily push the trolley through narrow hallways and around obstacles. When waiting in line, the trolley can easily be advanced without having to be tipped, just by giving it a gentle push with your foot. On the other hand, it is possible that it might roll away on an uneven surface, so you might have to hold onto it more often. Also, 4-roller trolleys are mainly intended for smooth floors because the agile rollers are more sophisticated, but also less sturdy in their construction.

Trolleys with hard or soft shells?

There are trolleys made of soft materials like polyester, nylon, or leather, and trolleys with hard shells made of materials like polycarbonate (Makrolon), polypropylene or even aluminum. The advantage of soft trolleys is that they can more easily be squeezed in order to stow them into the overhead bin, and that they usually fold up to a degree to save space when they are not in use. Hard-shell trolleys, on the other hand, provide better protection from damage for your items, and they generally stand up to a hard rain better than a soft trolley. The differences in weight are very individual. Trolleys with soft shells can be lighter or heavier than hard-shell trolleys depending on the design. The lightweight from ChackPack, the Piquadro Relyght Cabin Slim Cabin Trolley at only 2050 g, is a hard shell trolley made of polycarbonate.


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