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The idea for ChackPack was born right at the airport: Even though the safety regulations for transporting liquids in hand luggage have been in effect for years, many frequent flyers still carry their personal care products on flights in plastic zipper bags. Apart from not being very stylish, those zipper bags are usually discarded after just a few uses. Since 2011, ChackPack has been offering a specially developed transparent toiletry bag for this very purpose, the ChackPack Air. We develop compact, functional, and stylish travel sets for frequent flyers, our one-step-at-a-time contribution to more sustainability

ChackPack Air: the transparent toiletry bag for frequent flyers
The ChackPack Air is available in a light-weight nylon version and in a refined leather edition. Both offer a volume capacity of 1 L, plenty of space for your favorite products in travel sizes up to 100 ml. The elegant, minimalist design compels with its timeless appearance and space-saving, compact shape. With the ChackPack Air, your stylish check-in is clear for take-off.

Largest selection of personal care products in travel sizes
The special product range available at ChackPack.com is designed for frequent travelers who prefer to travel with their hand luggage only. Here you will find over 500 personal care products in travel sizes – from compact travel toothbrushes and contact lens fluids all the way to travel shavers. 

Always Ready-to-Fly
Frequent travelers who are always “ready-to-fly” but don’t want to go without their premium products in travel sizes can choose from a range of ready-packed travel sets. Those who prefer to take their own favorite personal care products from home can use the convenient, refillable silicone bottles to prepare their own travel-sized kit.

The way frequent flyers pack and travel: ChackPacker.com
Get some inspiration for your care-free and stylish travels at ChackPacker.com. This blog is a meeting point for frequent travelers to share their packing secrets and travel habits. 

As the French writer and pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said: "He who would travel happily must travel light."

On that note: We hope you enjoy your flights!

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ChackPack Air Travel Sets


 ChackPack Air Travel Set Transparent Toiletry Bag



Travel like a ChackPacker


Travel like a ChackPacker




Body care in travel size

Body care in travel size

ChackPacker.com - Travel like a ChackPacker

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