Mini hand cream


Why a mini hand cream?

A mini hand cream or travel hand cream with its compact, space saving dimensions can be carried in your hand luggage on flights as well as travelling with you in your purse anywhere you go.
Particularly in the winter months, your hands are subjected to extreme exposure and can quickly become rough and chapped. People who do physical work and use their hands extensively and those who work in offices and are exposed to dry, dusty air will know this problem only too well. During the cold season, applying hand cream once or twice a day is often just not enough. A little mini hand cream can be your constant companion in your briefcase, purse or sports pack, helping you to combat the dryness and roughness any time you need.


The most popular mini hand creams available at ChackPack: 


Mini Hand Cream

Speick Natural
Travel Hand Cream
Organic Chamomile

Mini Hand Cream
Anti Age
Q10 plus

Aloe Aloe Aloe
Handy Hand &
Lip Balm Tube

Nuxe Rêve de Miel Crème Mains Et Ongles Hand and Nail Cream 15ml Rausch Hand Balm Daily Care Mini Hand Cream 30ml Nivea Mini Hand Cream Anti Age Q10 plus 30ml Metzler Whey Mini Hand Cream Cornflower 15ml

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Which mini hand cream is right for you?

Mini hand creams come in a lot of varieties, so there is a perfect choice for every skin type and every preference. Some like the more intensive care of oily creams that offer extra long lasting protection. Others may select a cream that absorbs quickly and does not leave filmy hand prints. There are neutral, unscented hand creams and ones with the fragrances of essential oils, herbs or other perfumes. The best way to find your favorite is to try some different mini hand creams and then decide – their small volume and low price makes it easy.


How big is a mini hand cream?

The smallest mini hand creams start at a mere 80 mm size and a width of 40 mm. They weigh just over 20 g. These varieties are small enough to fit in your pants pocket. But even the somewhat larger mini hand creams are very compact and light, only about half as large and heavy as a standard hand cream.

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