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Additional service to your guests

Many travelers, determine whether on holiday or on a business trip, on arrival in the hotel that you have forgotten your favorite personal care products at home or have not packed at least important part of it. Typically, basic products such as shower gel or shampoo are provided in the hotel, however, often still a deodorant, hand cream and of course toothbrush and toothpaste are needed especially in front of business appointments. For people who prefer a certain brand or their Haut can withstand only a certain product, also the shower gel made available by the hotel or shampoo may may be not suitable. Well, if you can then offer a special service and offer their guests to buy a selection of branded products in handy travel sizes. Possibilities for may were the hotel's shop, reception, or perhaps even a kind of mini bar for body care on each room.

Hotel supply in the field of personal care in travel size

On you will find the widest range of brand products in travel size with over 600 products to no more than 100 ml. The portfolio ranges from known must have brands on natural cosmetics to exclusive luxury brands. In addition, we have a fine selection of transparent Kultubeuteln, so that all of our products also in the hand luggage of the aircraft may be brought. Our ready-to-fly packs are ready packed transparent bags with the main body care products such as shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, Handdcreme, teeth cleaning products, hair gel, etc. For your loyal customers is a unique and more useful gift, as well as our numerous and also customisable gift sets.

Starting set for Hotel-Shops

ChackPack offers a special Starter Kit with 18 different products (each as 5Pack) travel size for your Hotel Shop. It contains the most essential of hotel guests requested personal care products, like deodorant, tampons, bind, hair gel and contact lens fluid. Benefit from our experience and save the long search.

ChackPack Starterset für Hotels


Die beliebtesten Produkte für Hotelgäste:

Stress Protect

Stress Protect

Blue 3
für Männer

Original Mild


Nivea Reise-Deo Stress Protect Men 35ml Nivea Reise-Deo Stress Protect Women 35ml Gillette Blue 3 Einwegrasierer für Männer Nivea Reise-Rasierschaum Original Mild 35ml

zum Produkt

zum Produkt

zum Produkt

zum Produkt

Expertise and competence by selecting the products

Because many business and luxury hotels in our order, we are a perfect partner for the hotel needs and know what are the most popular articles to hotel guests. We will gladly advise you and can tie depending on your customer base, with matching brands and products also a tailor-made offer you. So you can offer your customers an extra service with a small but selected range.

Comfortable order process

On, you can order the desired products with just a few clicks in a simple and quick ordering process. Enter into any long-term contractual binding and get from 35,-€ value of goods delivered free shipping within Germany. More than 98% of our customers rate this ChackPack with excellent 5 stars.

Fast delivery and excellent customer service

Orders are processed on working days with availability of goods within maximum 24 hours. DHL will in Germany then usually, depending on the distance to 1-2 days. Our fast-responsive and uncomplicated customer service available for questions of all kinds by telephone and by E-Mail at disposal.

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Body care in travel size

Body care in travel size - Travel like a ChackPacker

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