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Swiss Luggage sets standards for the future with unique, luxurious high-tech carbon trolley

No other material comes close to carbon fibers in terms of highest robustness paired with low weight. The fibers offer the perfect degree of formability for ingenious detail, and their visual appearance radiates prestige and elegance.

Carbon luggage by Swiss Luggage is every frequent traveler’s dream: chic, with an elegant luster, unique and authentic. These trolleys are more than just a piece of luggage, they are life-long companions. Elastic and impact-resistant at the same time, they are perfectly equipped to withstand the stresses of international air travel. With a weight of barely over 4 kg, these trolleys are probably the best symbiosis of light weight and robustness on the market today, making them the first choice of demanding frequent travelers.


The special features of Swiss Luggage Carbon Hand Trolleys

1. Extreme resilience:
One of the main features of the Swiss Luggage trolleys is their outstanding resilience, which is achieved by the use of carbon fibers. The sturdy shell withstands stresses of up to 500 kg to make sure your belongings are safe and sound when they reach their destination.

2. Simple functionality:
The hard-shell trolleys are deliberately designed without external compartments in the interest of elegance and clean lines.

3. Deliberate asymmetry:
The asymmetry of the two outer shells is designed to move the trolley’s center of gravity so it does not collide with the body when it is rolled or carried - practicality and ergonomics of the highest standard.

4. Essential details:
The light-weight construction, the added volume gained by the 2-wheel concept, or the simplicity of the intelligent handle: the comforts added by these small details make all the difference.

5. Patented layer construction:
Glass fiber, foam, carbon, and protective foil make up the shell, the interior is kept neat and straightforward by ABS-cladding and a divider.

6. Wire lanyard for security:
The external wire keeps your trolley safe from theft while you run to the news stand or restroom while keeping the locking mechanism secure inside the trolley.

7. The perfect lock:
The patented lock mechanism with form fit connection rather than friction connection opens and closes with a single click. This keeps you on the safe side with the TSA, because the trolley can easily be opened if needed.

8. Know-how:
Every trolley consists of 350 individual parts developed by Swiss Luggage, 300 of the components are part of a patent.

9. Three design variants:
Black Beauty has a classic black interior. Even zippers, straps, and seams were deliberately designed all in black, giving the trolley a subtle sophistication. Pure Inside is also completely black, but was designed without an interior liner in order to bring out the elegance of the carbon fiber material. Finally, there is Red Elegance, a variant with color accents. On the outside, the red locks present an elegant contrast to the black shell, on the inside, the red liner – with contrasting black straps and zippers – makes this trolley a unique and luxurious jewelry box.


Swiss Luggage Black Beauty Carbon Trollex
Swiss Luggage Pure Inside Carbon Trolley
Swiss Luggage Red Elegance Carbon Trolley
Swiss Luggage Black Beauty Handgepäck-Trolley aus Carbon Swiss Luggage Pure Inside Handgepäck-Trolley aus Carbon Swiss Luggage Red Elegance Handgepäck-Trolley aus Carbon
 Swiss Luggage Black Beauty Handgepäck-Trolley aus Carbon Swiss Luggage Pure Inside Handgepäck-Trolley aus Carbon Swiss Luggage Red Elegance Handgepäck-Trolley aus Carbon

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