Travel comb & folding comb


What is the difference between a travel comb and a folding comb?

A travel comb is generally a small comb that fits easily into a jacket pocket or purse. Some models are only about half the size of a regular comb and will go practically anywhere.
A folding comb or sometimes a folding brush is also very compact but consists of two parts that fold up on themselves.


The most popular travel combs & folding combs available at ChackPack: 


Kent OT
Travel Comb

Kent 82T
Hand Cut
Travel Comb
for Men

Mini Hog
Hair Brush

AS 10
Travel Brush

Kent OT Handgesägter Reisekamm Kent 82T Klappkamm hangesägt für Herren Kent Mini Hog Reise-Haarbürste Kent AS 10 Reise-Klappbürste

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Advantages of travel combs and folding combs

The clear advantage of travel combs and folding combs is their compact size and light weight. When you are travelling with minimal luggage or without any luggage at all, you’ll still always have room for your little travel comb. It will assure you of a well groomed and confident appearance anywhere you go and in any situation. Typical travel combs have the benefit of being extremely light. Folding combs, on the other hand, have the edge regarding comfort and handling. When extended, the folding comb can be securely gripped by the handle for a brisk touch-up. Folded up, the handle offers protection for the teeth or bristles.

What travel combs and folding combs are available at ChackPack?

ChackPack offers a deliberately chosen selection of travel combs, travel brushes and folding brushes. All models are from the renowned English manufacturer Kent or from Hercules Sägemann from Germany, and stand out through their quality and design.
Kent has been manufacturing first rate combs and brushes since 1777 and supplies the British royal court.
The brand Hercules Sägemann from Hamburg is popular with hair dressers and draws on a 140-year tradition in manufacturing combs.
Both have gained invaluable experience over the centuries and have developed a level of expertise that makes these travel combs and folding combs the best you can get for your hair.

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