Travel shampoo


Why a travel shampoo?

A travel shampoo differs from regular shampoos due to its space saving dimensions and low weight, which make it ideal for being carried in hand luggage (in a transparent, re-sealable bag no more than 1 liter in volume) or in a sports bag or backpack.
Especially for sports activities, travel shampoos are often the more sensible alternative. On a mountain hike of several days or a long bike ride, you can’t afford to waste valuable space in your backpack or saddle bag with a big 250ml bottle. You also save on unnecessary weight you would otherwise have to haul around.
Motor bikers vacationing with their bikes are always faced with the challenge of fitting the important things into their limited cases. A travel shampoo can save a bit of space in any situation.


The most popular travel shampoos at ChackPack: 


Pantene Pro-V
Repair & Care
Travel Shampoo

Strong Power
Travel Shampoo
for men 50ml

Cowlick Gentle
Travel Shampoo

The Follicle Oracle 2in1
Travel Shampoo & Conditioner

Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Travel Shampoo 75ml Nivea Strong Power Travel Shampoo for men 50ml Cowshed Cowlick Gentle Travel Shampoo 30ml Anatomicals The Follicle Oracle 2in1 Mini-Shampoo & Mini-Conditioner 30ml

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Are there other advantages to travel shampoos?

Because of the small packages and even smaller prices of travel shampoos compared to a standard size shampoo, it is much easier to just try something new whenever you feel like it.
Travel shampoos and other personal care products in travel sizes also make a sensible and welcome extra as part of the basic amenities of a vacation apartment or Bed and Breakfast.

What are the dimensions of a travel shampoo?

Travel shampoos are significantly smaller and lighter than regular shampoos. They are usually between 75mm and 115mm tall, 25mm to 45mm wide and weigh only around 50g – 60g. In other words, their size and weight are about one fifth of that of average regular shampoos.

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