Travel shower gel


Why a travel shower gel?

A travel shower gel stands out due to its small size and low weight, which make it easy to transport in your hand luggage, and it saves space in your sports bag or backpack as well.
In your hand luggage, it is important to make sure that your travel shower gel and all other liquids are stowed in a transparent, re-sealable bag with a maximum volume of 1 liter, which has to be presented separately at the airport security check.
But also for sports activities or long backpacking trips over several days, the advantages of a compact travel shower gel can’t be underestimated. When every ounce counts and space is at a premium, you don’t want to pack around a big, half-pound bottle of shower gel. The small, light variant would be vastly preferable.
Of course there are many other situations when a little travel shower gel comes in very handy because of space restrictions, such as motorcycle vacations, long-distance bike rides, overnight sailing trips, etc.


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What are some other advantages of travel shower gels ?

Due to their smaller size, travel shower gels generally cost less than a standard size shower gel, so it is easy to try something new or exclusive every now and again without having to spend much money. Your new discoveries will then regularly enhance your bath or shower experience.
Proprietors of rooms or vacation apartments can use the small travel shower gels in bathrooms to offer that little extra service that their guests will love and remember.

How large is a travel shower gel and what does it weigh?

Most travel shower gels are only 75mm to 115mm high and only 25mm to 45mm wide. Large standard size shower gels can be up to 200mm high and 80mm wide.
The weight difference is also significant: while the average travel shower gel comes to 55g, a large shower gel often weighs more than 250g.

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