Travel sun cream


Why travel sun creams?

Since a travel sun cream is very compact and weighs very little, it is ideal for being taken on a trip in your hand luggage. But it is also perfect for a quick day trip when you don’t want to pack a lot of things around with you. You should apply sun screen several times a day when exposed to the sun, so it is especially important to have your sun cream with you wherever you go. The small travel sun cream fits easily into your backpack, purse, and even your pants pocket if needed, and of course a travel sun cream is also a space saving skin protector in your motorcycle case or bicycle saddle bag.

The most popular travel sunscreens at ChackPack: 


Tiroler Nussöl Travel
Sun Milk SPF10

Hawaiin Tropic Satin
Protection Travel
Sun Cream SPF 15

Sun Anti Age
Travel Sun Cream
SPF 20

This Works
In Transit
Skin Defence
Travel Sun Cream
SPF 30

Tiroler Nussöl Reise-Sonnenmilch LSF 10 75ml Hawaiian Tropic Satin Protection Reise-Sonnencreme LSF 15 100ml Nivea Sun Anti Age Sun Cream SPF 20 50ml Tiroler Nussöl Alpine Sun Cream SPF 20 40ml

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What are the other advantages of travel sun protection?

Due to the shrinking ozone layer, it is becoming more and more important to use sun protection regularly, even on sunny days in fall and winter when the sun’s rays seem weaker. But during the colder season, the opportunities are few and far between, which is why a regular size 200ml bottle of sun screen can’t be used up, and come the following summer is often out of date and nearly useless.
Travel sun cream with a volume of 30ml – 50ml, on the other hand, can easily be used up over one winter season.
Another advantage of the travel sun protection is that the small size lets you try new and different kinds of sun protection more often. You don’t run the risk of buying the large bottle and then being disappointed if it’s not right for you.

How large are travel sun creams and what do they weigh?

A travel sun cream is usually no more than 90mm – 120mm high and between 30mm and 40mm wide. The weight is around 30g to 60g. Standard sun creams, in contrast, are often 4 – 5 times as big and heavy.

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