Biotrue Contact Lens Solution All-In-One 5x 2x60ml

Includes 5 items, each with the following pack sizes:
Articles in the pack: 
2 bottles, 2 holders
Total weigth: 174g

1 bottle:
Pack size: height 112mm / diameter 35mm
Weight: 80g

1 holder:
Pack size: height 17mm / width 63mm / depth 35mm
Weight: 7g

The convenient size for your carry-on. Biotrue Contact Lens Solution All-In-One is a modern product inspired by nature and made by the renowned manufacturer Bausch & Lomb, one of the leading producers of contact lenses and lens care products worldwide. Biotrue is modeled on natural human tears with a pH-value of 7.5, allowing for greater comfort in wear and improved antibacterial properties. The ingredient hyaluronate, which also occurs naturally in the eye, makes the lenses less irritating and stores moisture all day. The innovative combination for soft lenses delivers premium quality and optimum well-being for your eyes as well as reliable cleansing. Biotrue is suitable for cleansing, disinfecting, rinsing, storing and rewetting contact lenses.

  • combination solution for soft and silicone-hydrogel contact lenses
  • natural pH of 7,5
  • best wearing comfort
  • hyaluronate preserves moisture extra long
  • reliable cleansing


Wet the lenses on both sides with at least 3 drops of Biotrue Contact Lens Solution All-In-One. Rub the surface gently with a fingertip for about 20 seconds. Rinse both sides thoroughly for 5 seconds with Biotrue. Then place the clean lenses in the storage container and fill with fresh Biotrue solution to cover both lenses completely. Allow to disinfect for 4 hours before wearing the lenses again.

Hyaluronat, Sulfobetain, Poloxamin, Borsäure, Natriumborat, Dinatriumdetat und Natriumchlorid, konserviert mit Polyaminopropylbiquanid 0,00013% und Polyquaternium 0,0001%


Your 5Pack advantage:
Multi-pack with 5% savings over the single price

Safety regulations:
The product complies with national and international regulations on hand luggage on flights.

Shipping time:
4-7 work days within Germany.
For deliveries outside Germany see our Payment & Shipping

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